San Diego Fishing Spots and Boats Are Best

Starting from sport fishing tips and excursions to whale watching and nature expeditions, San Diego California is a hotspot for all outdoor enthusiasts.Sport fishing boats are readily available for finding targeted species. Whether it’s half-day or full-day fishing or a trip to nearby Islands, San Diego offers plenty of options for sport fishing lovers of all skill levels.


When you speak of San Diego sport fishing, many people think of deep-sea fishing most on a charter boat offshore. There are many forms of sport fishing boats in San Diego available such as pier fishing, bay fishing, surf fishing and other forms of sport fishing. But few know that there’s excellent opportunity for fresh water fishing in San Diego.

Fishing is one of the most popular recreational activities in America. Americans do travel all over the world in search of best fishing locations and opportunities. Fishing is very exciting and needs a lot of patience. The specialized fishing guide and fishing boat services offer the best seasoned angler.

San Diego fishing spots are famous all over the world. The fishing resorts and camps of San Diego offer very excitingvocational experience where you move away from the complexities of everyday life.

Sport fishing boats San Diego are designed in such a way that your fishing experience would be thrilling.  Many people feel that these sport fishing boats are only used for water sports. But most of the avid fishermen prefer sports fishing boats because they are useful for the pull and power required for big fish. These boats are very strong and sturdy in withstanding the fight.

Sport fishing boats are not only built for their performance but also for comfort. They are of many types and styles. But some boaters prefer lesser motor, bells and whistles where as others need high performance and high speed boat engine.


ColettaSportfishingthe best fishing charter San Diego has the answer to everything about fishing

The fishing charter service provider at San Diego, ColettaSportfishing Charters offers San Diego fishing trips up to 6 customers, the service lasts (5 1/2) hours to twelve (12) hours. It is regarded as one of the best fishing charter service in San Diego.


Captain Chris is the key figure while arranging a memorable trip for customers of every age and ability. While giving the opportunity to our customers of catching fish, our commitment lies with their safety and comfort. We are also been to multi-party and corporate tournament trips.

We are known for being the provider of our most popular “Signature Service” for an exciting, enjoyable day on the water.

One of the biggest advantages ColettaSportfishing has that whenever you send your query, a person such as Captain Chris responds on time. Other important persons at ColettaSportfishing such as Capt Hale and Matt are really awesome in explaining everything, being on the cruise which makes the clients more comfortable.  Customer service and timely communication hold key to the charter services.

No matter how luxurious your charter may be, the crew must be efficient. Being guided by an experienced crew head like Capt. Chris, it makes altogether very easy.

Good charter service being identified with a great yacht, great owner, great captain and the great crew and ColettaSport fishing blend everything.

We are equipped with the latest life-saving devices and the many other required items that make our customers and crew safe while being out on the ocean. Everybody would want to hook up with us at the same time.  Our boat and trips are extremely kid friendly and love to introduce junior anglers to sportfishing.


Top 10 Secret Tips For a Visitor While Fishing On Sea


Have you ever gone for fishing? Fishing is a great moment of attraction and enjoyment who really seek it. If you want to have all the fun of a fishing trip, then get ready for a date with Coletta Sportfishing Charters, the San Diego Fishing trip service located in San Diego. Coletta Sportfishing Charters offers fishing trips up to 6 customers and the duration varies from 5 hours 30 minutes to 12 hours.


  1. Do research before going for fishing

You need to have some idea about fishing before going for it. You can search on the internet about basics of fishing and read books about fishing. There are many interesting books about fishing.

  1. Know the basic procedures 

After getting some information about fishing, you might go for knowing how to add fishing bait to hooks, cast your line and tying knots etc.

  1. Use the right equipment 

Specific rod and reels are ideal for casting.  Open-faced fishing reels are hardly recommended.

  1. Bait holds key for fishing  

You need to know what type of fish you are going to catch and what kind of bait attracts them. The wrong bait would make your fishing time-taking and boring.

  1. Choose the location for fishing

You should have the idea about where these fishes congregate. Talking to the locals will help. Finding the right spot would help in getting more fish.

  1. Look for ideal weather 

Overcast climate is ideal for fishing trips. You can enjoy fishing trips in other conditions but overcast condition is best.

  1. Dress code. 

No matter what type of dress you wear but boots are must for fishing.

  1. Keep food 

As fishing trip is time-taking, you need to have food in the event you get hungry.

  1. Beware of mosquitoes

As you are closure to sea water, you are vulnerable to mosquito bite. So you should keep bug spray and try to be free from itch.

  1. It is better to be alone 

If you are with family members and small children, your attention would go to them and will lose the focus and enjoyment of fishing.


Go for Fishing, Stay in Vacation and Have fun in San Diego

Want to go for fishing? Do you want to have all the fun of fishing while in outdoor or vacation? Or want to have a fishing trip and make it a memorable one? Get ready to join Coletta Sportfishing Charters, the San Diego Sport Fishing service located in San Diego.  The San Diego city falls on the Pacific coast of California known for its marvelous beaches and parks. Coletta Sportfishing Charters offers fishing trips up to 6 customers at a time whose duration varies from 5 hrs 30 minutes to 12 hrs. The fishing service provider breeds species such as SRock Fish, Sheepshead, Sand Bas, Halibut, Lingcod, Calico, Barracuda, Yellowtail, Yellowfin Tuna, Tuna, Marlin and Dorado or Mahi Mahi.


Fishing may not be an exact sport. But, it has got all the features of making into a fun-loving game. Whenever you get the sight of fishing boat or a trailer, there develops an inherent craze to go for fishing. It’s a game because the challenge of finding fish and the process of learning to catch those fish. This gives a sense of achievement and execution that teaches us patience and the ability to work towards your goal. From every angle, fishing has got all ingredients of the challenge, excitement and unpredictability what a game always has.

There can be the chances of accidents and misfortunes such as fishing hooks can stick you, the fishes that have sharp teeth can bite you. However, with trained fishing guides and safety programs are in place, chances of risk are nowhere. Our staffs will demonstrate you how to be safe or how to hold the fish so that you will remain safe while on the trip.

So, friends have a date with Coletta Sportfishing Charters at San Diego, California………..


Get a Date with San Diego Sport Fishing – Coletta Sportfishing

Fishing trip is a moment of attraction known only to those who seek it. Fishing is both a sport as well as a relaxation. Do you want to have all the fun of a fishing trip and make it memorable, then get ready to join Coletta Sportfishing Charters, the fishing charter service located in San Diego, a city on the coast of California known for its splendid beaches and parks.

Coletta Sportfishing San Diego Sport Fishing Charter provides fishing trips up to 6 customers, the duration spans from 5 hours 30 minutes to 12 hours. We go after species like varied Rock Fish, Sheepshead, Sand Bass, Halibut, Lingcod, Calico, Barracuda, Yellowtail, Yellowfin Tuna, Tuna, Marlin and Dorado or Mahi Mahi which makes San Diego a “must-fish” destination along with whale-watching service.


Captain Chris is a friendly, knowledgeable and experienced fishing guide who would leave no stone unturned to make the trip memorable for all age group and ability, starting from taking your call to filleting your fish. We provide children of learning the ropes all the way to the seasoned pro pursuing an I.G.F.A. World Record. Our renowned “Signature Service” is gifted for an exciting, enjoyable day on the water

Fishing is not an exact sport. Accidents and misfortunes can occur. There are hooks that can stick you and there are fishes that have sharp teeth and can bite. However, with trained fishing guides and safety programs, risks are almost non-existent. Our staffs will educate and demonstrate how to be safe while on the boats and how to hold the fish without hurting yourself. Waves may harm you while moving the boat around and we have put adequate measures in place to keep you safe. We greatly care for your safety.

So, friends have a date with Coletta Sportfishing Charters at San Diego, California………..


Fishing San Diego


Coletta Sport fishing Charters is a fishing charter, Deep sea fishing and Best charter Boat service located in one of the hottest Sport fishing locales in the United States: San Diego, California. Our determination to catch fish is only surpassed by our commitment to our clients’ safety and comfort. We offer Private Fishing Charters for sport fishing, whale watching and floating marine science labs in San Diego. Fishing charter is an extraordinary saltwater angling endeavour for families, gatherings, and individuals commending occasions.


Wide Open Yellowfin Tuna Bite In San Diego!

Is it possible to say TUNA & YELLOWTAIL? That’s what happening just offshore right now!!! We’ve got Big Bluefin’s right inside our yard and down the Baja Seacoast. Also, the yellowtail bite at the Hawaiian Islands and down the seacoast is certainly going full speed. The Bluefin’s are being found underwater and wild birds markings. It’s amazing when you enter the right area the ocean erupts with big scorching Bluefin from 50 to 100 lbs. Around the yellowtail there are  a number of ways to capture them and we help you catch the big ones. We have been getting and catching them on bait, surface flat iron and sluggish trolling. We’ve great weather with good smooth quiet seas now. It’s like summer in north park here and we’ve Tuna’s in April. All I could say is its time for you to book a vacation either now or at least can get on the catalogs because its heading to get chock-full. You can visit our website “Coletta sport fishing” to get more details about the packages and enjoy fishing. We have a dedicated and well versed team who will guide you through….